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2 posts found for September 2014

‘The Tartan Venezuela’

At the heart of the “Yes” to independence campaign has been Scotland's apparent desire to turn itself into a kind of tartan Venezuela: endless platitudes about aspiring to equality but more likely bringing misery; spending plans that would squander vast oil reserves on unproductive welfare; intolerance of opposing views often combined with threats to confiscate private property; apparent ambivalence over hugely disruptive economic policies including defaulting on its sovereign debt obligations should…

‘The ECB: now Europe’s least dysfunctional institution’

Before Mario Draghi became its President, the ECB was widely regarded as just another dysfunctional European institution: overly focused on an illusory inflation demon, indifferent to anaemic economic growth in the Eurozone and in any case too impotent in terms of unconventional policy tools at its disposal. Whilst debate in the US and the UK has moved to the timing of exit from unconventional monetary policy, the recent announcement that the ECB would embark on an unsterilized programme of private…