About Us

Argonaut Capital Partners, founded in 2005 by fund manager Barry Norris, is a specialist equity fund management company based in London, which manages both long only and long/short equity funds.

Our Strategy



Profits, not quality or cheapness, moves share prices

Argonaut has a distinct “earnings surprise” investment philosophy. We believe that stock prices move up (or down) on the basis of rising (or falling) market expectations of future corporate profits.

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Simple, but not easy

Our investment decisions are derived from a mix of analysing data gathered on individual stocks in the context of prevailing macroeconomic trends.

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Assessing what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate risk

Risk management involves exposing the funds to desirable risk characteristics and diversifying away undesirable risk according to the underlying investment processes.

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Active Fund


Cost effective solution to investing in the European stock market

The performance of our funds is always quoted after all fees and we also compare our long only funds’ performance to the market benchmark index even though it is a common misperception that the benchmark index can be bought for free.

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Our Investment Team

Our fund ratings and awards

Investment Adviser 100 Club Member 2015Sauren Fondsmanager RatingLSEG Lipper Fund Awards

VT Argonaut Absolute Return Fund

The Fund aims to provide positive absolute returns in Sterling share class currency over a 3 year rolling period, utilising a variety of asset classes and regardless of market conditions. The Fund will not be managed against any formal benchmark.

FE Alpha Manager 2012Sauren Fondsmanager Rating

VT Argonaut European Alpha Fund

The fund offers investors exposure to a concentrated portfolio of European companies, managed using a high conviction, best ideas approach, with the aim of significantly outperforming the Europe ex UK stock market.